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Distributor Opportunities

The original creators of the “instant” personalized book

Create-A-Book invented the methods that allow personalized books to be printed in under 5 minutes! We wanted our products available in all cities and towns worldwide, where customers could receive books within minutes of placing an order. Our DISTRIBUTOR business model was created to achieve this goal. Here are some key points:

  • The Create-A-Book Dealership It’s a system where you begin with minimal start-up costs and options that includes everything you need to create the products right in your own home.
  • Online Sales and other Distribution Channels We have sold books in every venue known and wrote about those experiences in our extensive training center. The preferred choices today are on location and online with a website. Some of our Create-A-Book dealers have even brokered deals between Create-A-Book and global corporations who want a special book designed for their own use. Create-A-Book has worked with these dealers to provide over a million books for these custom projects.
  • Proven Turnkey Business Systems We’ve adjusted the product line and business packages to give you the best possible selection choices.
  • The Dealer Network Once you become a distributor, you’ll be able to communicate with other dealers in our forums. We also have a dealer referral program you can use if the opportunity presents itself.
  • Comprehensive Materials One call does it all! That’s right. Our large warehouse in Nevada stocks everything you need in the way of book covers, pages, custom letters, brochures, and more. Our ecommerce partners, SaviSites, can create a specially designed Create-A-Book website for you as a convenient option that includes a secured shopping cart. This website would cost thousands to build and comes loaded with our full product line, content and graphics you need to get started. No programming needed on your part. Our training center gives you the information you need to study over time, in areas you wish to improve. You don’t have to do it all at once. You can take your time and learn different marketing techniques at your own pace. You are in control.

Who’s joining Create-A-Book?

  • People without previous business experience who are willing to learn
  • People looking to complement their existing business with our product lines
  • People wanting to work from home, at their own pace, and on their own terms
  • People who are creative and enjoy marketing
  • People looking to put their business talents into a future they control
  • People who care about children and value great educational tools
  • People who feel under-appreciated at work or who just got downsized
  • People who just want to develop another source of income
  • People looking for extra spending money OR a career change

Why start now?

  • In a recession, people are looking for affordable gifts, and our products make amazing gifts for under $20.
  • With reductions in school funding, parents and educators are looking for better fundraising tools.
  • Businesses are looking for more effective advertising and sponsoring a Give-A-Book program is incredible PR. Children in local schools receive their own FREE personalized kids’ book they can take home and read again and again.
  • With market uncertainty, layoffs and downsizing, it’s more relevant than ever to have that ‘extra’ source of income – whether it’s a cushion to cover a few bills or for financial independence. A good home-based business makes sense today more than ever.
  • Our business systems, software, and products have evolved into a wonderful business opportunity for anyone with the desire to get involved.

What motivates our dealers?

  • Doing something you love and getting paid for it
  • Putting your heart and soul into your own financial independence
  • Getting involved in a great cause
  • Putting smiles on the faces of children
  • Starting a business that is guided by 35 years of growth and experience!

Have more questions?

Checkout our FAQs on becoming a dealer or call us today (702) 714-7676.

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