Media Kit

Media Kit

A number of dedicated Create-A-Book dealers have been actively involved in their community. Create-A-Book, Inc. works closely with the Young Readers Council and the dealers to bring a charity event to their town, presenting thousands of personalized children’s books to at-risk children at no cost to the parents. Every child in the program gets a book absolutely free. The assembly programs are expertly designed to involve mascots live at the events.

At these school programs, children learn about McGruff, the Crime Dog, and Homer, our “character counts” mascot. First and Second Grade students benefit from the messages in the books they can take home and read over and over.

In the Spotlight

Our programs have been featured in every form of the media, From Oprah to Good Morning America, to Inc. Magazine. The unique Create-A-Book books and business has been the subject of many national and local news articles. The Associated Press released an article on Create-A-Book that was in every major newspaper in the country when Create-A-Book was in its seventh year.

There is no one profile of a Create-A-Book distributor. They come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and ages. Many dealers have been featured in local newspapers in the “life story” section. Editors are always looking for the stay-at-home mom, downsized dad, and retired couple finding their niche with a home-based business that helps children with reading. Over the years Create-A-Book has received several dozen of these new clippings, and we are proud of each and every one. The Create-A-Book story is a good one, and local newspapers recognize it. These interviews really help boost the dealer’s recognition in their communities, and help the overall mission of Create-A-Book everywhere.