Distributor Opportunities
Tools to Succeed

At Create-A-Book, we’ve developed several processes that make publishing a hardcover book possible in 5-7 minutes using your computer and printer.  We manufacture and provide the materials needed to assemble our books, including the full-color glossy covers and illustrated pages.

You can watch this video to see how easy easily a book is assembled.

Create-A-Book has evolved from a “made while you wait” on location enterprise to include both online and on-location systems and tools to help you market Create-A-Book products. We’re always looking for new products and tools that can make your business stronger and more profitable.

As a distributor, you’ll have access to…


When you become a distributor, you’ll receive instant access to your password protected online back-office where you can order inventory through our secure shopping cart, view the training manual, receive additional tips, download marketing materials, catch the latest news and more.


From the beginning, we’ve created a support model that is friendly and accessible. We’re always a phone call, email, text message away

Create-A-Book does not retail products directly to consumers because we feel you shouldn’t have to compete with your supplier. This means our success is directly dependent on your success.


We’ve created an extensive training center that covers a wide range of proven marketing opportunities, systems, and tips to sell Create-A-Book products. Whether you’re looking to dedicate a few hours a month, a week, or per day,  you’ll find options in our training center to fit your goals. Our Training Manual is your ultimate reference for success, and your launching pad to establishing and growing your sales with Create-A-Book products.

Here’s a few examples of what you can learn in our training center:

  • The printing and assembly of the books
  • Advice on sales and distribution channels, including selling online and fundraising programs
  • The ever-popular Give-A-Book and Hospital Baby Book programs
  • Complete training on participation in the ‘Home Run Against Drugs’ program
  • Networking suggestions from working with libraries to in-home book fairs
  • How to get local businesses to sponsor and pay for books
  • How to create a custom book for a city, town, or tourist area and make the final books for them on an ongoing basis
  • Marketing systems for fundraisers, book fairs, craft shows, community centers, malls, libraries, home parties, and even support from your local Chamber of Commerce
  • How to leverage our drop shipper program that ships products directly to your customers when you have an order for a product you may not have in stock


SaviSites has created a powerful ecommerce shopping cart platform and they can build a site with our full product line within one business day. Their websites are super easy to customize and manage without any technical know-how. Plus, our personalized music can be sold as MP3 downloads directly from your website. You can learn more at www.SaviSites.com or contact support@savisites.com if you have any questions.

  • Easy to use, manage, and update
  • New features and functionality continually released
  • Add unlimited pages and products
  • Add products from other companies to manage your entire business in one place
  • Great customer support

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